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We use high quality, durable Czech and Italian glass and stone beads, and natural freshwater pearls. Glass beads and pearls are safe to wear daily, but some bright-coloured stones and beads can fade if exposed to water and sunshine over time.

To prevent scratches, jewellery with beads and pearls should always be stored on smooth, soft surfaces or in jewellery boxes and pouches. 

Stainless steel components

Gold-tone stainless steel components are plated with 18 or 24k gold. They are more durable than brass and will not tarnish or lose colour. It is always best to keep your jewellery dry, but stainless steel jewellery can be exposed to water and sweat without much compromise. The gold tone may fade over time if exposed to water regularly. Be particularly careful around sea water, which is aggressive and can weaken your jewellery.


You may polish your steel jewellery with a damp or dry cloth until it shines like new! Store it in a soft pouch or jewellery box to avoid scratching.

Cellulose acetate hair accessories

Cellulose acetate is an incredibly strong and durable material. It resists falls and pressure much better than plastic. This is also why it holds your hair so well!

You can wear your hairclips daily without compromise, but avoid contact with water as this could tarnish the metal spring that holds the clip together. Hair clips cannot be made with stainless steel components as it is too tough and wouldn't allow the flexibility you need in the spring. This is why our clips are made with a softer metal, which is not resistant to water.

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